Role of Synthetic Biologic in Biofuels Development

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The world has an energy problem. And a carbon problem. Amidst the debate about the various forms of renewable energy and efforts to reduce carbon emissions, one new technology strikes out which promises to deal with both of these major global issues. This blog should give an introduction of what biofuels are and especially focuses on an innovative new route of production by photosynthetic bacteria.

Biofuels or bioenergy is “fuel derived from biological sources”. Biological sources or “biomass” is “any organic material coming form any form of life or its metabolic products”[1]. Fuels such as ethanol, hydrogen or diesel can all be derived from biomass and if so, get the prefix “bio” (e.g. bio-ethanol). Generally, biofuels have the following advantages over fossil-based fuels:

1) Biomass is not limited as are fossil-based fuels.

2) Organisms used for bioenergy production fix carbon dioxide from the air and incorporate it metabolically…

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