Health and environment go hand-in-hand

We have reached the stage where just being aware of our current situation is not the solution anymore. We, the common people of Bangalore need to take up the initiative and take action against the rising garbage disposal issue.

Make A Change, Bangalore!

The health of the people and the environment of the place where the people are living, are always directly connected. This basically means that when the environmental conditions are bad, so are the health conditions. This is what has been happening to Bangalore for the past few years. Environmental conditions do not only include the scenic beauty of the area. Instead, it focuses on the quality of the environment which is affected by various factors. In Bangalore, the main factor that is contributing to the degenerating environmental conditions is the huge mounds of garbage that are carelessly disposed of wherever a free spot is found. From disposing off garbage in landfills, we have now moved to water bodies. And because of this, the health of the people is getting affected too. People are falling ill a lot more often due to the presence of water borne viruses that arise from…

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