Eco Business and Clean Energy. Biomass or no Biomass.

India is blessed with huge amounts of surplus of agricultural residues and livestock waste. As per the Government of India’s data for 2002-04, the annual availability of surplus crop residue biomass stood at around 145026.6 kilo tonnes per year. Much of this residue is criminally allowed to burn in open fields.



Biomass has always been the source of energy for man. Wood has been the source of energy and the fuel that powered many activities meant to nourish us, provide us heat and light as well as power and run our industries even today[1]. However, as The International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) noted in 2010, 70% of the population in Least Developed Countries (LDCs) still depends on biomass for cooking and heating purposes. This disaggregated utilization of biomass poses three major problems.

  • Huge amounts of energy go to waste due to this inefficient utilization, a result of technical inadequacy and difficulty to adopt
  • Another major concern are the associated health problems, as reported from nearly all the developing countries. Smoke from cooking fuels accounts for nearly 2 million deaths annually, more than the deaths from malaria or tuberculosis[2].
  • Black carbon, which results from…

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