Two sleepy little european towns have set an example for the entire world to follow

Lower energy costs and a minimized environmental footprint aren’t the only benefits for Feldheim’s residents; The unemployment rate in Feldheim is zero, with local residents employed at the biogas factory, or in the wind and solar plants.


Germany has taken the bold step of putting in place measures that will dramatically increasing its use of renewable energy resources in the coming decades. The world’s fourth largest economy is committed to generating a third of its energy from renewable sources within the next decade, and 80% of its power by 2050. The success of Germany’s energy strategy is vital for the success of renewable energy adoption in the future; Other powerhouse economies such as Japan and the United States are watching intently to see if renewable energy can not only meet the energy requirements for a powerhouse western economy, but be financially feasible and provide an adequate return on investment.

Feldheim is a rural town located approximately 60 kilometres from Berlin in northeastern Germany. What makes this town so remarkable is its decision to invest in its own electricity grid that delivers all its energy requirements from renewable…

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