Inside a Biogas Digester

Strathclyde Energy for Development

P1040347Hot, some may say steamy: the inside of a biogas digester is not a comfortable place to stay.  Even worse I would suppose when actually in operation.  Luckily I got a chance yesterday to see the inside during construction and speak with the team who have been contracted to build the digester at the Tithandizane Orphan Care Centre near Mchinji, Malawi.  We were out viewing one of the MREAP Strategic Projects with Mzuni university who are delivering 10+ biogas plants nearby Mchinji.

These biogas digester work, in short, through the decay of dung in a controlled environment, i.e. in a three cubic-metre tank buried in the ground. If managed properly produces methane.  The dung comes from a minimum of 5 cows.  A constant cycle of feeding is required with a 1:1 ratio of dung to water.  Once a sufficient initial feed stock (several tons of dung!) is built up the…

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