AIESEC India – Lucknow’s Waste Management Crisis

Equally important to a top down approach required by the government to put the correct municipal infrastructure in place, is a bottom up approach from the people of India. Having spoken to different generations of people from Lucknow, a range of attitudes was made apparent.

Global Interactions

During my time at the University of Sheffield I became involved with AIESEC, a global student run organisation facilitating youth leadership through international internships. My interest in environmental issues arising from human impact took me half way round the world to Lucknow – a city in the north west of India where fellow AIESEC members were involved in a project called Conserve. The project was tackling a huge range of environmental issues affecting the city, however our given role (along with members from many other countries) was to provide a fresh outlook – to focus on the most pressing environmental issue and develop a strategy to best tackle it.

One of the most tangible and obvious problems suggesting itself to us in Lucknow was the issue of waste management – a problem not just unique to Lucknow, but affecting India as a whole. It was clear from walking down any…

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