From Hand to Land – Thoughts from the Landfill

Each trash heap represents the contents of one municipal trash truck. A compaction tractor then drives over the mounds, again and again, gradually flattening them. Finally, the flattened mounds are covered with a layer of dirt. Neither cement, nor plastic liners are used to protect the surrounding ground and water table, at this particular landfill.

I decided to take a short drive to the local landfill, this morning; with the intention of exploring my town’s waste management strategy.  I’d like to develop my understanding of what landfilled waste disposal actually looks like.  I want to create and maintain a visual reference point, of the ultimate destination for trash; so that I can truly comprehend the scope of what I/We are up against, in the War Against Waste. (#waragainstwaste)

When I think about trash, and what its’ life cycle looks like, (yes, believe it or not, trash has a life cycle), I imagine something like one of those connect the dots pictures, popular with children.

It is not that I desire to oversimplify the issue, because the topic of waste production and management is one of great complexity, and seemingly endless tendrils of cause and effect.

However, what we really need to do, if we want…

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