Powers of Green Slime

Innovation in Business, Energy, and Environment

By Anonymous

No, this essay will not reminisce about your favorite Mark Summers-hosted Nickelodeon game show, sadly.  What it will tout are the emerging commercial and environmental benefits of an emerging algae production industry.  Yes, algae, the goopy organisms better known for poisoning aquatic environments with blooms, as eyesores in unkempt ponds, and as the perennial foes of fish tank hobbyists.  Algae is quietly bettering its reputation as several of its very useful qualities are being commercialized, both to (hopefully) generate profit and lessen humanity’s burden on the habitats we require for our survival and comfort.  It turns out the muculent creature has one of the most efficient systems for converting CO2, water, and light energy into useful oils and oxygen

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Algae based Biofuel & Biochemical Technologies

Energy Matters

There are a few companies specializing in the development of technologies based on Algae. We will discuss some of them in the posts that follow. Foremost among the companies is Solazyme. We will discuss this company, their technology, their products etc in this post.

Basic Technology:

This company was founded by Jonathan Wolfson & Harrison Dillon in the year 2003 with the sole purpose of  making fuels and chemicals using microalge. A proprietary strain of Micro algae is grown in dark in huge stainless steel containers. They are then fed with sugars, which is the basic feedstock. This unique strain of algae then converts sugars to specialty oils similar to natural triglyceride vegetable oils. The technology also involves a process for extracting the oils from the algal mass.

Unique features of Technology:

What is unique about this technology is the ability to tailor make oils with different chain lengths and…

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