Animation of a simple telescoping Biogas Digester

The process is very simple — on the first day you put in about 40 kg of animal manure (horse or cow work fastest, but anything will work) and fill up the container with water. Then place the gas collector on top with the valve open so it sinks down into the bottom container, driving out the air. Then close the valve. After about 3 weeks the gas being created inside the container will be flammable.

For this simple animation describing just how simple it is to build your own biogas digester I downloaded Google Sketchup 7 and then used Google 3D Warehouse to download a model of a digester by roilbilad130 called “Biogas untuk limbah dapur” which is Indonesian for “Biogas for Kitchen Garbage”. I changed the food inlet pipe and the fertilizer output pipe to reflect the way they work in the ARTI India systems we have been building in Cairo and Germany and set different sequence animation key frames in Sketchup and did screen capture in Snap Z Pro. Building real digester is about as easy as building a digital one in sketchup — it really is just two plastic barrels, one inverted inside the other, with three pipes — one to get the food in, one to take the liquid fertilizer out and one at the top to deliver the gas to…

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