Composting Is A Great Way To Organically Replenish Nutrients

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We are talking composting today. Composting is a great way to organically replenish nutrients and add create that beautiful dark brown soil everyone is looking for in their garden. There are a number of different composting methods but we are going to talk about a compost pile.

The first thing you need to do is choose the location. You should choose a location that is mostly shady. The compost heats up as it breaks down, and if it is in full sun, it will heat up too much and kill some of the essential bacteria used for breaking down the organic matter.

Next is to build or set up what you will be using to hold your compost. Just remember that it needs oxygen to break down, so don’t build it air tight. Even using chicken wire can be a great way to contain the pile.


Now add the organic…

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