The Need for Speciality Membrane Covers

Biogas containment is a critical safety component. When handling biogas, you must ensure the storage area is properly covered to prevent contamination. Membrane covers are a reliable solution. They are made using polymers, such as polyvinyl, polyethylene and polypropylene. A biogas cover is also suitable in water treatment plants, where it’s necessary to prevent odour…

The Need for Speciality Membrane Covers

Reasons to Recycle Used Coffee Grounds

As coffee lovers, we use multiple devices and brewing methods to get coffee in the way we desire. These machines and tools such as a moka pot, a bean to cup machine, or even a prosumer barista model coffee machine. All these methods result in large amounts of used coffee grounds that will usually end […]

Top 7 Benefits of Recycling Used Coffee Grounds

The Technology Revolutionizing Commercial Waste Management

Every single one of us can do something to improve our impact on the planet, but it is a given that businesses of all sizes have a bigger footprint than families – commercial accounts for 12% of total greenhouse gas emissions. A big factor of that is waste management. From the physical process of picking up…

The Technology Revolutionizing Commercial Waste Management